Topic: Bad screen?

My Infocast 8" just arrived today and as it was playing the demo, I thought, "Gee, that screen doesn't look too hot." But thought perhaps it was the quality of the demo movie. Well, here's a photograph of one of the demo photos that comes with it:

There's a lot of rainbows and stuff in darker areas, I don't know how better to describe it, which is why I took the photo. That was from dead ahead looking at the screen.

Do I have a bad unit? Did I miss something in the settings where I could fix that?

Re: Bad screen?

Answering my own question, it was a bad screen. I exchanged it for another one at Best Buy and the new one looks like I'd expect.

Re: Bad screen?

That image is symptomatic of a loose screen cable.  Returning the device was the correct thing to do.