Topic: Serial port

According to his blog, Bunnie included a serial port on the circuit board.
Is serial port enabled in the firmware or would I need to compile and install new firmware using Bitbake in order to use it?
If the latter, what software needs to be added to the image to enable the serial port?

I want to control my 2 zone audio processor (Symetrix 460) with the Infocast and I do have the serial protocol for it. It can communicate at 115200 baud rate, which is what the Insignia serial port is set to per Bunnie.
Any help is really appreciated.

Re: Serial port

Serial port on the PCB will be used by u-boot when boot and as a linux console when run. To use it you may have to recompile uboot and set bootargs not to use that serial port for linux console.
May be the easiest way to do is to add USB<->Serial to the usb port. The system will see it as another device something like /dev/ttyUSB0 which you can use it without changing any software.