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I live in a dorm room with two other people. I want my chumby to get my email. I don't want my roommates to have access to that email. Is there any way I can password protect or otherwise secure a channel or widget so that I can verify that it's me using it and not someone else? (Sorry if this has been answered before, but I searched the forums and didn't see anything)

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Hmmm, so far, we've been treating the device as something that doesn't need to be locked down from prying eyes.

Interesting.  I'll bring this issue up internally and we'll see what everyone thinks.

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A four or nine button lock with a four diget code would work for normal situations like that kinda like if no activity after X mins turn screen off and prompt for a password when squeezed or screen touch.  Possibly go to standby to save batt.

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Duane: Thank you so much for your time and efforts, it's really appreciated!

ncoop23: I agree that would be fine for certain things, especially when it's on battery power, but I don't care if my roommates use the clock or weather etc. widgets. My main interest lies in keeping them out of certain feeds such as email or private RSS. That's why I think it would be nice to have both public and private channels. The public channels anyone can use for whatever, the private would require a password to access, or something along those lines. But again I thank you for your concern.

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So, there are a couple of levels of granularity possible - the chumby level, the channel level, and the widget level.

It sounds like it doesn't make too much sense at the chumby level, because you end up blocking everything and that seems too extreme.

The widget level is probably *too* fine grain, you'd end up in a Vista-like barrage of widgets constantly asking permission to do stuff.

At first glance, it does seem like the channel level is the right place to do this.

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I agree completely. The chumby should be fun to use, not just a mess of security measures like a whole bunch of other computer tools that I've seen.
The less hassle the better. I think a single layer of password protection over a channel would be just fine for most practical purposes.
From past experience, much more protection over that and I'll stop using it because it just became it becomes too much of a frustration to get past the various measures.
I hope I've given you an idea you can work with, and once again your time and support are greatly appreciated.

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Any movement on this?  I'd like to use my chumby in an office setting and don't want others in the office replying to facebook posts or e-mails and what not. 

Not sure if the chumby level referred to would include locking the console when you plug in a keyboard but that should also be considered as that could be a potential work around (back door) to stopping a screen lock.  I suppose you'd also have to consider what happens if someone turns the device off and then back on.