Topic: Chumby Randomly Freezing

I recently downloaded a bunch of widgets and arranged them into newly created channels.

Now, for whatever reason, my Chumby One freezes at least once a day.  Today I came home from work at 6PM to a clock widget that was froze on 9:29 (assuming AM), leading me to believe it's not a freezing behavior that goes away with time.

There is no apparent order in the freezing either, or no one widget that looks trigger it.  Is there a hard reset I can do or something?


Re: Chumby Randomly Freezing

Same thing happens to my chumby  Any fix found?

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Re: Chumby Randomly Freezing

Through my experience,  freezes were caused by a widget not updating correctly or a poor wifi connection.  Set up a test channel with one or two widgets in order to eliminate the culprit.  Your wifi signal needs to be strong.