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Topic: Not Streaming m4a

I am trying to stream m4a file using rtmp using netStream.play() , but i cant hear anything even though song has started playing.
I am using latest sony dash device.
but i was able to stream a mp3 file before with same code.

Re: Not Streaming m4a

The Flash Lite Player in the dash does not support streaming of m4a files, only mp3.

Re: Not Streaming m4a

thanks for reply, but in the documentation, it is clearly mentioned that aac+ is supported.. my file is aac+ in a m4a container...

Re: Not Streaming m4a

The music player (player_service) built into the dash can support AAC/AAC+, but not the Flash Lite Player.

In any case, you're on the wrong forum.  The Sony dash is a Sony product, and they have a developer forum where these issues can be discussed.