Topic: Cozi widget password issue?


I own both Sony Dash and Insignia InfoCast devices. I've been using Cozi widget on Dash for few months now w/o problems. But trying to run the same widget on InfoCast exposes an interesting and weird issue - the password for Cozi login gets truncated and the widget cannot login.

I saw that someone also mentioned this issue on the widget page -

I tried contacting Cozi and they are clueless and suggested asking here on the forum...

Is it a common problem for other people?

Please help me debug and fix this issue. Thanks.

Re: Cozi widget password issue?

We're working on a fix for this. Hope to have a new version deployed shortly.

Re: Cozi widget password issue?

Thanks for the reply. Not to be pushy, but do you have any updates yet? smile

Re: Cozi widget password issue?

Should be early next week.

Re: Cozi widget password issue?

Just wanted to thank you for the new version of Cozi widget! It definitely fixes the login issue on Infocast (and still works on Dash too smile

There are some other changes, the biggest one probably being the ability to add new events right from the Chumby-like devices!

Couple quick questions/comments, though:

1. Any way to disable help popup balloons on startup (the ones showing which button is which)?
2. It appears the zoom is now calculated automatically to show the entire week (?), but it's kind of rough - on Infocast with 800x600 screen it defaults to the largest possible font/zoom, and on Dash with 800x480 screen it defaults to the smallest possible font/zoom. I wish it would not go into extreme settings, or even better remember my scale/zoom settings between sessions...

Thanks anyway for all your work!

Re: Cozi widget password issue?

Scrap my comment #2 - it actually saves the zoom level now! Great work! Thank you very much.