Topic: Screen turned bad

After (during) the latest update my Chumby One switched off. Upon restarting it became obvious that it has not only lost the network settings but also the screen seems to have reversed, i.e up is down and down is up sort of thing.

I've tried updating to the latest version from a flash drive with no change and restoring factory defaults option doesn't seem to get passed the "Are you sure you want to continue" -screen. I've also tried to reconnect to the wireless network by inputting details with the wonky reversed screen but the Chumby crashes and gets stuck in the process.

Any suggestions would be gratefully considered.

Re: Screen turned bad

I have this exact same problem.  Were you able to find a solution?  Anyone have any ideas?  I have tried flashing the device via USB but that has not helped.

Re: Screen turned bad

Please contact Customer Support.