Topic: Read Accelerometer from the shell ?

Is there an easy way to read the Chumby One accelerometer from a shell script?

What a great device.  Thanks.

Re: Read Accelerometer from the shell ?

Not from a shell script, but here's an example C program that we wrote to verify the accelerometer worked.  We also used it to tune the accelerometer daemon to add filtering to stabilize it.  It can be compiled to work on the Classic (Ironforge) devices, but it was developed for the One (Falconwing).

To compile this on a chumby One, you can either install Scratchbox, install the toolchain from the website, or install a toolchain on a chumby One by running:

    wget -O /mnt/storage/ \
    chmod a+x /mnt/storage/

Re: Read Accelerometer from the shell ?

Great, thanks.   

I didn't know you had the tool chain available for native compilation.  Very nice.