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Hello all. I'm not too certain if this is the relevant forum to the first of these questions, so please excuse me if that isn't the case.

According to this press release (, Shoutcast is being removed from VLC based on injunctions from them regarding not incorporating it into Open Sourced products. I was just wondering if this will have any impact with regards to the chumby services/devices? It reads a bit like it is the Shoutcast code being integrated into a GPL codebase, which could be avoided in Chumby's case with the btplayd and non-opened control_panel. I can understand if it is something that cannot be discussed at this time, but as a user I would like to know that my streaming is safe.

On another note, I have been very happy with the Chumby one devices that I've purchased and have had in use for a bit now. I m seriously considering one of the Insignia Infocast devices just to be able to play with a bit more screen real estate and have a little kick in the speed department. Is there going to be any documentation provided for setting up a cross-compiler for this or are the binaries generated from the ARM compiler for actual chumby devices compatible? I don't really have anything major that would need any type of migration, I would just like to know if I'll have a compiler out-of-the-box or if it will be a task to build my own scratchbox environment specifically for this hardware config.

Thanks for any information provided and I would especially like to thank you for providing an open platform.

Re: Shoutcast and Infocast

Chumby has a contractual relationship with SHOUTcast that allows us to include the service in our products.  The fact that the Control Panel is closed-source is one reason it is in our products.

The same toolchain that is used for Ironforge and Falconwing works for Silvermoon and many of the same binaries should just work.

Re: Shoutcast and Infocast

Thank you, Duane. I now have an order in for an InfoCast device. If I could have purchased it directly from you as I did with the Chumby one devices to show my support, I most certainly would have. Hopefully I'll have something of interest that runs on the device to post here to at least help out the community a bit.

Thanks again.