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Hey there;

Every time I turn off my Chumby and then turn it back on, the date / time is asking me to reset it.  It's pretty annoying to have to reset the date / time every time I turn it back on.

I was surprised that I couldn't find anyone else logging this bug on the forum.

Any thoughts?

Re: Date / Time being reset?

If you're properly configured to use the network, you shoudl check the "Settings->Time" screen to see if you have the checkbox set to set the time from the Internet. (using NTP).

If you're not connected, this is the correct behavior - the chumby does not keep the time with the power off.  The internal battery will keep time if the power switch is on but the power adapter is not producing power.

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Re: Date / Time being reset?

Setting the Chumby to check the time on the internet seems to work.  There's just the little problem with the incorrect DST right now, which hopefully will get fixed both in a few weeks and with the next firmware update.  I had turned checking the time on the internet because of the problem with DST.

Re: Date / Time being reset?

You *should* be getting the correct time, even with the new Daylight Saving Time rules.

What timezone are you set to?  Are you running with Firmware version 128 (Settings->Info)?

Re: Date / Time being reset?

I have my timezone set to "Toronto, Canada", and the time is 4 hours ahead.  (ie: It's actually 1:30PM  in Toronto, but my Chumby says it's 5:30PM.)

I am running HW: 0.9.1 SW: 0.9.2 FW: 128

Re: Date / Time being reset?

OK thanks - I'll have QA look into that.

That's more than a Daylight Saving Time problem - that sounds like a seriously broken timezone file.

Was it correct *before* the DST transition?

Also, could you ssh into your chumby and see what time you get using the "date" command in the console?

Re: Date / Time being reset?

I have a DST problem.  Thinks it's one hour earlier than it should (for Pacific time)

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Anyone with time issues, please indicate:

1) what city you've set the time zone to
2) what the correct difference is between the local civil time and UTC
3) what the difference is between local civil time and what your chumby is reporting
4) if you can ssh into your chumby, also provide the output of the commands "date" and "date -u".
5) if you had reset the timezone since the last update.

Also try resetting the timezone (Settings->Time Zone) and see if the problem goes away.

If your chumby has been running continuously since before March 11th, please restart it.

This will greatly help us track down the problem.  Thanks!

Re: Date / Time being reset?

OK - it looks like we're missing some timezone files for some Canadian cities.  When they're missing, the system falls back to UTC, which is what you some of you appear to be seeing.

We're going to audit *all* of the timezone files to make sure all the ones needed are present and up to date, and figure out where to go from there.

Sorry about the problem.

Re: Date / Time being reset?

And I thought my Chumby not knowing the proper time was just being alpha... Thanks for bringing this up James.

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Not quite sure this is the place for bug reporting or not but:

Whenever I boot on my unit and enter the date and time I get the following:
- Date is advanced by exactly one month (not fat fingering the month arrow + done at the same time, I promise)
- Time reverts to default state prior to changing it (last power cycle defaulted to ~8:00 am, was set to ~6:45pm and snapped back to 8am on submit)

Going into the settings menu after boot completes and changing the time/date there makes the changes stick.

Re: Date / Time being reset?

OK, I'll pass that on to QA - what timezone do you have set?

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Re: Date / Time being reset?

My time gets updated but i can´t update the date, is there any step that im missing. I have it set to get updated by internet