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OK- I've built Firefly/mt-daapd for the chumby for firmware 1.7 - download from here.  Unpack to a dongle, then put in a chumby - launch with: /mnt/usb/start_daapd (you might want to make a debugchumby to do that on boot)  It will serve up any music it finds on any mounted USB device.  The config file is /mnt/usb/share/mt-daapd.conf

I've run it against iTunes 8.2 on MacOSX 10.5.7 - it will probably not work for iTunes 8.1 due to a bug in that version.  It will show up as "Chumby" in the SHARED list.

This has practically no testing, and I've only run it against my device - so don't surprised if there are problems.

Note for lurkers - this is iTunes/DAAPD *server*, not a *client*.

Have fun!

Re: iTunes/DAAP Client

Just to confirm, this is to access shared content from a Chumby to an iTunes client?

-John Forsythe

Re: iTunes/DAAP Client


Not too useful perhaps, but some people seem to want it, so there it is smile