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I find the radio interface much to difficult, to turn radio on, I have to go to the control panel, music, scroll down, select my streams, press goto, select a stream and press play... to leave the control panel I have to press done twice (it shifts position) to navigate way back where I can use the top switch or press the current widget to leave.
To turn the radio off again I need to get to the control panel again, goto music and press stop, then I want to leave the control panel again and need to press done first and then use the top switch or press the widget to leave.

What if you could leave the the control panel at any screen by hitting the top switch? Better yet maybe it could remember where it was and use the top button to go in/out of the control panel I almost always want to go to the MyStreams section.


Re: Navigation in Control panel to cumbersome

I too find the standard radio interface a bit clunky.

So I bodged together a widget that allows selection from a small number of stations that we commonly listen to, along with a volume control. It depends on being able to run some CGI scripts from /psp/cgi-bin (the only way I could find to let the widget interact with the Chumby music player). In addition, I used a hack (from zapp, I think) to make hitting the Chumby switch to that widget.

Now, selecting one of the most frequent seven stations involves:

1. Hit Chumby.
2. Sometimes wait for Chumby to finish what it's doing.
3. Radio widget appears.
4. Press the button for the station in question, or change the volume.
5. The channel will advance to the next widget as per normal.

Of course, the radio widget also appears every so often as part of the normal changing of widgets in the channel; however, relying on that alone (without the 'hitting' interface) can be cumbersome.

If you think that might be of use to you, I can package it up. It is very bodgy: at the very least you would want to do some recompiling to include icons for the radio stations you want, and some alteration of the CGI scripts I wrote to set stations, and probably to other bits of the source so that the end result wasn't completely confusing. It was built on mtasc and swfmill for Windows, both of which are freely available.


Re: Navigation in Control panel to cumbersome


Could you send me the code? I'd like to have a go at it...


Re: Navigation in Control panel to cumbersome

I just discovered that the beta adds a play button on the music page to start playing the last stream, I found this to be a huge improvement however the interface could still be more user friendly I think.

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Happy to forward it - about 90 kB. I think you can email me with details through the forum.

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It's true - I'd like to have better access to the radio-stations, too. It IS a design flaw. Beginning with buttons that changes the position ("done") and the number of buttons you need to change stations and change back to your channel.
Please, improve this! Perhaps some favourits, selectable within one button press?
Would be great....