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Honestly, I don't understand the request for an "SDK", unlike other widget systems that have unique, custom environments, such as Dashboard, Konfabulator, Google Gadgets, etc., our widgets are simply Flash movies.

You can walk into any reasonably stocked bookstore and find dozens of books of how to create Flash movies, there are thousands of tutorials on the web, and even sites with tens of thousands of source code examples that will run with little or no modification on the device.  Our wiki basically documents the extensions we've made to the base FlashLite functionality.

For instance, this one site alone currently lists 1213 Flash tutorials and several thousand Flash 8 examples.

This is one reason why we picked Flash in the first place - to leverage the maturity of the Flash environment, in tools both Open and commercial), documentation, and examples.  We know we don't have the resources (or desire) to try and convince people to adopt "yet-another-new-widget-system", and have to educate people from scratch - there are already millions of Flash developers out there, and tons of resources out there for anyone that wants to learn.

We've posted the source code examples for several broad categories - in all but one case (the pendulum), there's *nothing* in the source that has any particular connection to the chumby device.  Our examples are simply drops in the vast ocean of source material that's available to a widget developer who's willing to spend a few quality minutes with Google.

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A huge opportunity to promote user-creation is being overlooked simply because alternative methods of obtaining similar information already exist.

Maybe you could provide a link to a tutorial that goes in-depth on how I would go about recreating the Chumby ControlPanel?

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I would like to see a src area attached to the widget library where people view a interesting widgets src if they want.

also I would *love* to fine a actionscript tutorials that is not about screen short of adobe's programing env.   An in depth tutorial revolving around Ming or FlashDevelop actually be useful.

I have been a C/perl programmer for 20 years,  I would love to see a document entitled actionscript for programmers where they did not assume it is your first time writing "hello world"

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Any offical word on this or any comments from the admins?
I just received my Chumby 09 two days ago and now seeing the Chundle offer.
Would like to use my Chumby right away but would also like to take advantage of this great offer if it means returning the item?