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Topic: Pandora is killer app

No doubt about it, Pandora is _rockin' the house_ on the Chumby.
I'm about to buy a (third) chumby to sit next to the stereo just for Pandora. And maybe one for my parents, they'll dig it too.

[product suggestion]
If using it primarily in this role (Chumdora? Pandumby? ;-) ) I would leave mine on Pandora all the time, which is a shame because Chumby does more. Thing is if I want to see the Pandora display, adjust volume, skip etc, I want it _right there_, not after 2-3 other button pushes to escape the chumby applet currently running.

Obviously in this context it would be nice if there was better Pandora integration with the normal chumby function - I want the squeeze button and any screen interaction to go straight back to Pandora, essentially treating Chumby SWFs like screensavers (with audio muted).

Ideally you'd have a separate queue of chumby SWFs that worked well as Pandora screensavers.
Obviously then you look at doing chumby Visulisation plugins, so a hacktacular mod to btplayer to output the FFT buckets and have them smoothed and readable with fsNative commands in flash etc blah blah.
[end product suggestion]

Anyway, Yay Pandora.

Can't wait to see what the Series B funding is currently being spent on. ;-)