Topic: Setting Alarms Remotely

It would be great if you could activate/deactivate alarms remotely. Is this something that is being considered?

Re: Setting Alarms Remotely

YES PLEASE!!!!  I was hoping this was possible when I bought it.  I would really appreciate it if I could set my alarms for the week and iCal intigration would be a huge bonus.

Re: Setting Alarms Remotely

That would indeed be very cool....!

Re: Setting Alarms Remotely

Oh wow!  This would be an very useful feature!   

When you have complex date/time alarms (like me) it is quite tedious to input them into the system.  Also tedious to set the music style accordingly.

I would also add dream functionality of a tie in to my primary calendaring system (Google Calendar) that keeps track of my working days (BONUS if it keeps track of wife's as well) and sets the alarms according to our work schedules.   (Not that they vary... just the days!  don't want to be getting up too early!)

If this functionality comes into being I would be buying a second Chumby for exclusive duty in the bedroom!

I would put up my skills to do whatever I can, but I think that the widgets would not be able to mimic this type of functionality.  I don't believe that they can access that level of the chumby... but someone correct me if I am wrong... because I would set up this service myself if possible!