Topic: profile.xml and intermixing widgets

<thumbnail href="file:////mnt/usb/mythumbnail.jpg" contenttype="image/jpeg"/>

If I specify a jpg here, the image appears *not* to display in the control panel when cycling through the list of widgets. I tried a few jpgs and no go ... also tried a .swf.

Where is thumbnail utilized besides this area on the chumby? Should the thumbnail be displayed on the control panel within the preview chumby??

And yes, I was using non-progressive jpg's, so that is not it. Image size was 80x60, same as thumbnail for the chumby portal website. |
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Re: profile.xml and intermixing widgets

I think that's a bug that's been addressed in the next Control Panel.

Re: profile.xml and intermixing widgets

Speaking of which....when is the next control panel coming out? It has been quite sometime since we had any updates

Re: profile.xml and intermixing widgets

I don't answer that question any more.  I've learned that lesson.