Topic: FPO/AP Address

I really want one. 
When do you expect to be able to use the U.S. Mail to send orders to military addresses?
I do not have anyone Stateside that I can send my order to and have them remail it to me.
People who get their mail with FPO/AP address are use to waiting 5-10 longer to get their mail.
So if it is wait time you are worried about, it is not to big of a deal.
Also,  last time I checked it was cheaper to send insured mail thru the U.S. Post office that UPS.
Granted it is not delievered to my door step, but that is impossible on some bases.

Re: FPO/AP Address

The issue is that the devices are shipped directly from *China* to the customer, and the USPS doesn't operate in China.