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Forum, Chumby Web Site and Store all require separate logins. Not too friendly. IMHO

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I actually can understand why the web store has a different signon than the forum and the website... But i tend to agree that the web site and forums could use a single sign-on..(webstore has cc data and more intimite details on a user like their address and such and you want to avoid using the same password and signon for security reasons) if one gets compromised you dont compromise the other.. but that be less of an issue with the forums and the main website

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Like many such systems, the wiki, forum, store and main website are all different applications written in different languages running on different servers, using different databases, sometimes in different data centers.  Occasionally, they've even been on different coasts of the country.

The wiki and the forum use unmodified Open source software, and we've taken the position that we'd rather keep it unmodified in order to more readily deploy updates than have to reapply custom patches.

Product Management does have an enhancement request to consolidate some of the signons - at least the the point of automatically creating accounts in the various systems if you create an account on one.  However, I suspect you'll still have to log in to each separately, since each system maintains its own session information.  From a security standpoint, that's actually good - you wouldn't want someone to access your store info simply because you recently read the forums.

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cool thanks for the response. I do agree that it'd be nice to have a single log-in.

Your auto-account creation is a great 'good enough' solution though!

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i agree.

we need single signon.

THis is probably costing your business alot, in terms of you guys figuring out what peopel do/don't like about your product, and ideas on how to make it better.

chumby's big differentiator is its customer base who also sub as a dev community. without that, you guys are just another electronics company that will be flattened by a samsung.

You can't compete w/ them on priec. you need to compete w/ them by building a killer dev community and to my dismay, I don't see that happening here.

The community is secondary to the hardware and that is a mistake.