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Topic: Why only us credit cards?

The subject says it all. It's bad enough that you do not ship to Europe. But when your potential customers come to the US to buy a chumby you make it even more difficult to get one. Why?

Re: Why only us credit cards?

I presume its to protect them from fraud... Its not the first time iv seen a vendor refuse a non-us originated charge/credit card... There are a lot of buisnesses in the US that refuse out of country cards due to the reduction in possible fraud...

That bites though.. Not sure if its possible, but they may be able to put it through manually... instead of using the automated web forms....

Should chat up their customer support..


Re: Why only us credit cards?

I will just ask a friend from the US to order one for me, but it's still a pain in the butt. But at least the dollar is cheap right now :-)

Re: Why only us credit cards?

Try http://international-orders.com/

Re: Why only us credit cards?

thanks, thinkquick. I didn't know that site...

Re: Why only us credit cards?

There are many alternative payment processors that will accept international credit cards.

They just need to do the work.