Topic: Chumby freezes

Beta 2.6.75

This is an intermittent problem.  The Chumby will freeze on a widget, mainly "The Daily Puppy".  A reboot fixes the issue.

Last night, I notice that it had stopped on a clock (generic blue digital) so I just let it hang there waiting for the alarm.
IT WORKED!  So that in itself is awesome, now just get past the freezes.

P.S.  If it is any help, the little "countdown timer" in the upper left corner of the screen is always showing during the freeze and is somewhere in the middle of it's countdown.

Re: Chumby freezes

If a chumby appears to freeze on a widget, especially if the little timeout indicator is showing, that almost always means that the *next* widget is is the one that's having the problem loading.

Re: Chumby freezes

OK, that would be the "Chumby Analog Clock" after the "Daily Puppy" and "Woot" after the "Generic Blue Digital"