Topic: Chumbysphere Forum Rules and Guidelines

Before you join the Chumby Forum, please familiarize yourself with the rules and guidelines below for participating.

This is a User to User, English language only Support Forum. Use of any information on this board is done so AT YOUR OWN RISK. While we may at time respond to posts, Blue Octy makes no warrants or claims regarding the validity of any information posted by users on this board nor do we review posts for accuracy of information.

This board is moderated by Blue Octy moderators. We request that you are respectful when interacting with our moderating team and each other. Users that do not abide by the rules may be subject to having their posts edited or deleted and their member account permanently banned from further access and/or deleted without notice.

Rules and guidelines may change at any time, please re-read them regularly.

1. READ UP BEFORE ASKING! Check out our support pages first and each forum has a dedicated Q&A thread with additional info.

2. DO RESEARCH FIRST. Use the search function before posting. Chances are your question has already been answered

3. PRIVATE MESSAGES. Please do not use the Forum to ask technical support questions of the moderators or admins. Instead, post your question in the appropriate forum for assistance from other members and board moderators. If you still need help, visit the chumby support pages.

4. NO OBSCENE LANGUAGE. This board is intended for family use. Please refrain from using any vulgar language that would offend someone else. Inappropriate words will be edited. This also applies to User Names. Accounts with inappropriate user names may be deleted.

5. NO OBSCENE MATERIAL. Please, no pornographic material or links to it. If it is not fit for family members, it is not fit for here. DON'T DO IT! We have a zero tolerance policy on this one.

6. NO PERSONAL INSULTS or ATTACKS. Chumby provides this site for our users to gather and discuss our products and technology in general. You are free to disagree with others, but if you stoop to personal abuse or attacks, your post(s) will be deleted. If you ARE insulted please report the post, but DO NOT retaliate.

7. NO TROLLING OR FLAME WARS. Trolling and/or attempting to bait others into a flame war will not be tolerated. Any posts we deem to fall in this category will be deleted.

8. POST IN THE APPROPRIATE FORUM. Please read each forum description before posting to ensure you are posting in the correct forum. Off topic posts will be moved to the correct forum.

9. NO DUPLICATE OR REPEAT POSTS. If no-one answers your question or responds to your post, please "bump" it rather than posting it again. Posting the same question over and over or in every forum will just annoy people and will not get answers.

10. USE APPROPRIATE TITLES. Titles like "Help Me!"  or "I'm Stuck"  serve little value in a forum. Try to be short but descriptive when submitting your post. Likewise, try to be clear and articulate when posting your questions, answers, or comments. Unclear messages/posts only add confusion and may delay responses to your post.

11. NO ILLEGAL SUGGESTIONS. Respect the copyrights of other people, websites, software and printed media. Please no pointers, how-tos, advocating any illegal activity. Posts regarding such things as warez, crackz etc. will be deleted and the user warned.

12. NO ADVERTISING/SPAM or SOLICITATION. Do not use this site as a redirector or gateway to another site for the purpose of collecting click income or advertising. Although there are times when a link to another site is necessary for helping or answering a question, this site reserves the right to determine what is and is not SPAM. Any SPAM will be immediately deleted and the user warned. Likewise, this is not your personal "for sale" board to advertise items. There are other sites out there that will allow you to sell your items.

* Advertising or Spam is defined as posting a link for the purpose of selling, soliciting or promoting by someone that has ownership or other "vested interest" to the web site involved, including efforts to promote other online forums or web sites by web site owners.

* Posts and links about fundraising (including nonprofit fundraisers) are NOT permitted.

* Only links to personal home pages are allowed in signatures and member profiles.

Links to helpful web sites (commercial or otherwise) are allowed when they are posted by someone without any "vested interest" AND whose purpose is NOT to solicit, advertise, promote, fundraise, etc.

This forum is here solely for express purpose of supporting current and future users of a chumby. Posts advocating or suggesting the use of a competitor's product are deemed inappropriate and we reserve the right to edit/delete such posts/threads at our discretion.

13. USE A SINGLE USERNAME. Please register and use only one username for the forums. Posting under multiple user accounts will result in administrative action (ie. banning)

14. NO POSTS OF COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL. Information copyrighted or owned by any individual or entity other than the person posting should not be posted on the message boards without the consent of the owner.

15. NO POSTS OF LENGTHY ARTICLES. Sharing information is allowed, but the forums are not to be used to publish articles. It is an improper use of critical forum resources.

16. NO IMAGES. Blue Octy has decided to restrict the uploading of any images on our servers. However, you are free to post links to hosted images on your own servers. Please remember, no pornographic or obscene material of any kind.

17. SIGNATURES and USER NAMES. Limit signatures to 10 lines or less. Moderators will edit and/or remove signatures that are too long.

MODIFIED: 2013-02-28