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Topic: Wimpy Audio/Video Player Integration?

Hey folks.

I stumbled on a nice music player which supports multiple formats like:


  • MP3

  • AAC

  • M4A


  • FLV

  • MPEG-4

  • MP4

  • SWF

  • 3GP

As well as automatic, XML, XSPF, RSS, M3U, PLS and Text-Based playlists.

About this site and the old players

This site has been set up to extend support for all of the legacy Wimpy products, which are 100% Flash-based and 100% FREE.

While these older players still work great, I'm focusing exclusively on the new Wimpy version 7.

All of the legacy products available on this site are now free.

I haven't had time to comb through all the documentation and clear up any references to licensing, so disregard anything that you come across related to licensing

Is it possible to run this from a USB drive or convert it to a Chumby widget?

https://www.wimpyplayer.net/examples/ra … ylist.html
https://www.wimpyplayer.net/examples/ra … pport.html
https://www.wimpyplayer.net/examples/ra … mple9.html

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Re: Wimpy Audio/Video Player Integration?

It can only play the same formats that the hosting Flash Player can, since it's in Flash, which restricts it to the formats supported by the chumby flash player, which isn't very many (due to then-relevant licensing issues).  We don't actually use the Flash audio for any of the music sources on the chumby, we use an external player that can run in the background independent of Flash.

It does launch on a chumby, but it's designed to work hosted in a web page.  By default it has a shape that's not very chumby-friendly, but apparently can be reskinned to a more appropriate shape.

My guess is that one could probably throw together a couple of CGIs and maybe even use the built-in httpd to host this SWF instead of the Control Panel to get it running.