Topic: Is it me?...It's me isn't it?


I love the re-birth of the Dash as a Chumby.  I was a Chumby user long before I bought my Dash!

I am attempting to set-up my Dash with the Chumby interface and I got almost all the way through the process, but I'm failing at the "activate device" portion.  When I follow the steps and match the corresponding dots from the computer image to my Chumby when prompted and click next on my Dash, I should then see a window or something scroll up and show me "Step 4".  But for me this never happens.  My Dash just keeps spinning, and the computer never acknowledges anything by going on to Step 4.  I know I have internet connectivity on my Dash and I've try this on three different computers, with the same results.   Does anybody have any idea what I might be doing wrong?  I've watched the instructional video and I think I understand the concept.  I ended up skipping the activation and going on, but I'd love to get it activated fully.


Re: Is it me?...It's me isn't it?

A few users have had this problem - the most common cause of failure so far have been:

1) Ad blockers that interfere with the data transfer to the site - see if you can turn it off temporarily or whitelist the site
2) Javascript turned off in the browser - this functionality requires it, so please turn it on
3) Use of some older browsers.

We have had the best success rate with Safari and Chrome, some Firefox users have reported issues.

We haven't done any testing with mobile browsers, so some folks have had some issues with using iPads, etc.