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Something that would pull in public domain content would be cool. Like something from here

It would be awesome to have another option than just USB under video!

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or TV shows like from here

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The problem is that now, in 2017, almost everyone who has a Chumby also has a computer or a laptop or a tablet or a smartphone that will do this much better than any Chumby can.
The one thing that the Chumby did, and continues to do, better than other devices is to be a hands off device that serves up background content to a schedule so that it is showing something that you are at least somewhat interested in seeing without you having to actually request it to do so at that moment.
Therefore, to my mind, the widgets of the Chumby future are either clocks, decorative (eg lava lamp), amusing (eg the various joke widgets) or informative (news headlines, weather, sports results etc). I can't see any point in trying to make it into a miniature TV.

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It actually works well in A kitchen as a video streamer while you are cooking. Sure a tablet or phone could do it but I already have a dash there