Re: Network connection keeps dropping.

Set up SSH to be on all the time at some point when you can get into it. … at_startup

Cleaning up any loose bits and bytes.

Re: Network connection keeps dropping.

Thank you for the pointer... there were several good tricks from me to try so I can recover from foolishly not enabling SSH permanently a long time ago.

I tried the 'start-sshd' empty file on the USB trick, but didn't work. 
I also tried the 'debugchumby' script file, but that didn't seem to work either...
(tried various commands like 'touch /psp/start_sshd', 'ping ...', and 'echo 1 > /proc/chumby/touchscreen/touchclick')
BTW, I get a 'connection refused' in TeraTerm.  I can ping it.

Since none of that worked, I guess I will have to try loading a software update via USB and see if that gets me further...
unless there are some other ideas.


Re: Network connection keeps dropping.

Decided to give up for the time being on using the USB...

I just changed the DNS server to respond with the chumby address to get it 69ragtop did.. and it works for me also, as expected.  So the dash/chumby is happy again!

Can now fiddle with SSH and see if I can figure out why the hosts file isn't working.

Thanks again!

Re: Network connection keeps dropping.

Duane wrote:

We'll try to address this issue on the next release.

I just ran into this issue on a recently acquired dash. Did I miss a release? wink

Re: Network connection keeps dropping.

No, there was no update for this, however, you can add the two lines that fix this issue to the "debugchumby" script.