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With apologies for an apparently dumb enquiry, but I'm struggling with getting a Chumby Classic to do what I want it to.

Rather than post a list of settings, alarms and resulting problems I'm simply state what I want to do, yet seem to be signally failing at achieving.

1) Weekdays at 05:29 go to daytime brightness, play BBC Radio 4 stream (got the right, working stream URL), show snooze/alarm cancel screen, upon cancellation or after two hours turn off the audio, revert to original clock, daytime brightness.

2) Weekdays at 9:00pm go to nighttime screen.

3) Saturday/Sunday as 1)above but 8:00am for alarm.

4) Saturday/Sunday as 2) above.

Many thanks.

Re: Basic clock radio functionality

Can you play the BBC Radio 4 stream on your Chumby? I know you said that you had a working stream URL, but do you mean working on the Chumby, or just working generally?

Re: Basic clock radio functionality

Yes - BBC R4 playing fine. The problem(s) is more to do with stopping it playing!

Re: Basic clock radio functionality

I never got along with the Snooze/Alarm Cancel screen so I tell it not to show that in the individual alarm setting. I set the audio to play for the time required and have it go straight to the daytime channel. If I want to turn off the radio while it's playing I hit the button and go to the Music page which has a Stop button on it, but normally I use the radio turning itself off as my "get up *now*" indicator so I don't do that very often.

My Chumby One has always had issues with playing internet streams so I wake up to the FM radio, but there should be no difference in how you set up the alarms to use My Streams instead.


Re: Basic clock radio functionality

It looks like my experience might skirt around your issue, but perhaps it will help. I have two Chumbys in my bedroom (I know, I have a problem...).
One plays the inbuilt alarm sounds and displays the Snooze/Cancel screen. Unlike Songmaster's experience, this screen and I have got along fine. If you're using the inbuilt sounds, you really do want to be able to stop them quickly and easily.
The other plays Pandora but goes straight from Night Mode to a channel, without displaying the Snooze/Cancel screen. Pandora is set to stop after 30 minutes and always does so, and if I want it to stop earlier I do what Songmaster does, and navigate to the Stop button via the Music menu.
I've never had any use for the post alarm brightness options and have actually found them a bit pointless and confusing - at night my Chumbys are in Night Mode and the rest of the time they are in Day Mode. I've set the brightness levels for both modes using the Brightness settings and that's the end of it, as far as I'm concerned.
So, at what point is your problem occurring? Is it that the Snooze/Cancel screen is not stopping the stream?

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OK. Thanks all for your comments. Basically what has been happening is my morning weekday alarm at 5:29am has been coming on fine at the right time. But with the snooze/dismiss enabled all kinds of weird things have been going on.

Mostly the snooze/dismiss screen doesn't appear. Sometimes it's overlaid on the still visible flip clock and unresponsive to touch. Usually, at alarm end (I have it set to 2 hours duration) the stream stops and the beeper  takes over. Other times the stream just keeps on playing.

It's looking like everything comes down to that accursed snooze/dismiss option. Guess I'll have to do without.