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SoundGuy wrote:

My beloved bedside Infocast 3.5 died the other day, and today I check the forum to find a generous owner looking for a home for his Chumby. Oh lucky day!

Philipp, if no one has claimed your remaining Chumby, I'd be grateful to have it (with a promise to feed it, care for it, and give it a comfy place to sleep).  I'll gladly pay shipping plus whatever you feel appropriate for your time packing it up. Just let me know the best way to send funds.

Many thanks,

your i3 may not have died, it may be the power supply.

what's it doing?

Cleaning up any loose bits and bytes.

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Re: i3 problems

PM sent.

Thank you both for the replies!

Diamaunt, I was hoping that would be the case, but sadly, it doesn't appear to be. After behaving erratically for a day, the I3 currently won't power on at all. I simply get a black screen with no response whatsoever. I tried a spare 5V 2.5A power supply I had laying around, but to no avail.

So as not to clog Philipp's thread, I'll post the details in another thread with the hope that someone may shed some light on a possible resurrection.


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Re: i3 problems

I would definitely try another power supply. Bad power supplies can do very strange things to chumbys.
Post the problem and there will be someone to either solve the problem or buy the unit and resurrect it. I know from experience. I had an i8 and a i3.5 that bombed. They are both running at someone's else house. This is a very resourceful bunch on this forum. Itmt, phillipp may send his 3rd c1.
I changed power supplies on at least a couple of units and they are working fine now.

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