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Topic: How long does USB Update take?

I downloaded the firmware update from the sticky and put the 2 update folders on the root of a freshly FAT formatted 1g thumb drive.

The progress bar seems to have gone almost all of the way across the screen, but it's stopped on "Writing image to kernel 2..." for quite some time now.

This is a used device that I haven't deactivated yet.

Re: How long does USB Update take?

So I was guessing about 15 minutes before I posted. Now it's been almost 30 after that. I can't believe it would take 45 minutes. But I don't want to unplug it when it still says DO NOT.

Re: How long does USB Update take?

It usually takes 2-3 minutes.

Re: How long does USB Update take?

What device do you have? If you have a Chumby One, you can use this image on your SD card. Follow the instructions here until you have access to the SD card slot, then use Win32diskimager or a similar tool to write the image onto your SD card. If you have a Chumby Classic, then your only option is rebooting. It should just give you a message about a failed update or something, and let you boot.

Re: How long does USB Update take?

It was a Chumby classic. Now it's a brick.

Got it on eBay. The listing said "working when I put it away years ago", which translates to "not working".

I got the correct firmware from the firmware sticky. I think it was just borked to begin with. My old one is doing fine.

This one now boots to 2 circles and freezes or into options where it freezes on "loading special options".