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Well Samsung came out with its smart watch. It is big and bulky and costs a lot ($299.00)! Anyone interested?

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Limited functionality, short battery life, screen poor for outdoor use, too expensive.
All of these issues can be resolved but I really expected more from Samsung.

While I am interested to see what all the players bring to this (sort of) new market, I am quite unlikely to buy a smartwatch.

Tar, feathers, congress. Some assembly required.

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It almost sounds like one of those new products they announce on April Fools Day. Really ugly toy-looking things. I could see Coby selling something that looks like that in CVS, but what was Samsung thinking?

And you still need your smartphone, so you can't even use it to text with your nose when driving.

ABC News wrote-

"Moorhead agreed and said the Gear is hampered by its need to connect with other Samsung devices. "Galaxy Gear isn't useful at all without a Samsung phone," he said. "It will only be attractive to technology enthusiasts with a lot of disposable income who prefer Samsung, and that's a pretty narrow slice."

Better to strap your Chumby to your arm.

No need to buy a smartwatch,anyway. Within a year Google should have a little bauble you stick in your ear and it will do everything you need with no effort. It'll tell you where to drive, what to buy when you get there, and when you get home have your smart tv tuned to the correct channel according to your demographics.

Jeeze, I don’t think Star Trek even came up with a computer watch. The flip phone was the height of civilized technology.