Topic: So this happens occasionally.

I have a pair of alarms in the morning: at 0630, I play a pandora station.  Half an hour later, at 0700, I start playing a stream of a local news radio station.  All of which works fine, but occasionally this happens:

Note that the alarm snooze/off screen is, somehow, superimposed over the LCARS clock!  Interestingly, the snooze screen appears to be the top layer, as its buttons are responsive.

This also happened back when and my widgets existed, so it's not an effect of the new service; I just never bothered to report it. smile

Re: So this happens occasionally.

Hmmm, I thought I fixed that a long time ago!

I'll try to reproduce it.

Re: So this happens occasionally.

If I can provide any additional info, just ask.  (Feel free to use the email address in my profile.)