Topic: Thoughts on Windows8

How Microsoft could have had a winner with Windows8.

Windows8 is shaping up to be another Windows Vista. Like Vista, there is nothing fundamentally wrong with Windows8. Microsoft just failed to execute. This is nothing new for Microsoft. Windows7 is just Vista with some adjustments and polishing. What follows is just one technophiles ideas of what could have been with Windows8. It may be too late to save Windows8. Public opinion is difficult to change once set.

1) WindowsRT (ARM) should have been sold as their tablet OS designed to compete with iPads and Android tablets. The classic desktop should not have been included. These should have been sold at competitive prices even if Microsoft made no profit short term.

2) Regular Windows8 computers should have booted to traditional desktop. There should be a persistent button that allows switching from traditional desktop to Metro and back. Microsoft should have sold it as Windows8 coming bundled with Windows Metro (their tablet OS).

3) X86 Windows8 tablets should boot into traditional desktop when mounted in a desktop cradle. The cradle should be included with all tablets. If an external monitor was connected to the cradle (strongly encouraged by Microsoft) the external monitor would display the traditional desktop and the tablet would display Metro. The tablet would stay in Metro once removed from the cradle if an external monitor was used or would switch to Metro if an external monitor was not used. Again, a persistent button to switch back and forth between the two interfaces is needed.

Instead of forcing everyone into the new interface Microsoft should have migrated to it slowly. Windows8 should have been their first introduction to it (as described above). The next version of Windows would make it more prominent and the version following that would have removed the traditional desktop completely. By that time the number of people complaining would be a small minority. During the transition Microsoft would push developers towards making only Metro apps. A carrot and stick approach that the users would not even be aware existed. Once most new apps were being created for Metro users would find themselves spending little time on the traditional desktop.

Thats it for whatever it is worth.

Tar, feathers, congress. Some assembly required.