Topic: Would cron scripts work with the stub server?

This idea just popped into my head, so excuse me if it's blatantly wrong. Anyway, what I'd like to know is if it would be possible to use cron scripts to change the widget on the stub server. For (hypothetical) example, maybe have the current LCARS clock, the Chumby Analog clock, and an RSS reader pointed to the "Status updates, testing and feedback" section of the forum. These widgets would be in different spots. Every say, two minutes, the widget would be rotated between these three, maybe by editing the path in the server's config files to be pointed to each widget. What I hope would not happen is the chumby requiring a restart every two minutes, or a channel reset. If this is possible without any of the aforementioned issues, please let me know.

Re: Would cron scripts work with the stub server?

I'm not exactly sure about getting this working, but it seems that theoretically you could get it working with a handful of hacks.

It seems like you could use the Sending events to the Control Panel hack with a mix of scripts (that may point to an alternate server) to do what you're thinking with a custom script that changes your /etc/hosts to point to a custom server which serves up a hard-coded widget, then switch back, etc.

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