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I'm certain somebody has suggested this before, but what about a Chumby Service Kickstarter? Get enough together to run the device for one more year. Do another Kickstarter next year.

If one already exists, please let me know!

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MaxSMoke777 -

Hmmmm, that's a cool idea.


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Not a horrible idea. If streamlining the service can help keep costs down, then perhaps there is an obtainable goal to keep the service running - at least for a while.

Thanks Duane for your efforts in keeping the chumby's functional. It was kitchen staple that my kids truly loved; widget browsing and pandora playing. Especially the animal cams. I hope it is a temporary issue, but I fear I might be SOL.
Keeping my fingers crossed, and am not packing it away yet.

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Alternatively, you could do an indiegogo instead. They allow you to get the pledges to you even if you don't hit your funding goal. That way we could at least have the service be alive for as long as possible.

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So who's in charge around here? Let's make this happen!

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Last I read Blue Octy wanted to make sure they were taking the right course before starting fundraising.

See posts in "possible futures" such as this one by Duane

... And the previous posts he refers to