Topic: Widget configuration and flash


I have a very hard time to configure some widget because of the flash animation used as a configuration window:

- Running Opera, for some widget, the configuration window simply doesn't appear, its just the dropdown box with the time and a blank window, right click saying "Animation not loaded" (tested under Linux and Windows) (eg: College humor, Bang the Chumby)
- impossible to copy/paste under linux (this is *extremly* annoying for widget such as animoto in which animoto urls are long and complicated)
- On windows, everything is smooth but the behavior is terrible on Linux (using konqueror or firefox): slow, buggy, provoques flash crashes.
- Very bad responsivness in general

Maybe it's just me, but generally speaking I find the flash configuration thing very annoying to use and would really prefer a not-so-eye-candy-looking but oh-so-more-usable html form ...