Topic: System issues 10/22/2012

We are experiencing some system degradation due to a problem with Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Relational Database Service in the US_EAST-1 (N. Virginia) Availability Zone.

Amazon is working on the problem.

Symptoms that you might experience are failures to create new accounts, reset passwords, activate devices, create, delete, or modify channels and widgets.

For more information about this problem, see the Amazon Server Health Dashboard at

Re: System issues 10/22/2012

The service should be back to normal.  As of this posting, Amazon is still showing issues at US_EAST-1, but it appears that our servers were among the ones fixed.

UPDATE: I am getting reports that users are still having difficulties altering channels and widgets - we'e looking into it.

Re: System issues 10/22/2012

OK, there is a problem on one of the servers as a result of the Amazon issues.  We're in the process of rebuilding it. Should be back up shortly.