Topic: Do you need support for a Sony dash?

Back in December, 2011, a mutual decision was made to split the Sony and Chumby systems.

The servers were cloned, along with all of the widgets and music sources, and all accounts that contain dashes were copied to the new systems.  All dashes were removed from the Chumby systems and all accounts that had dashes *exclusively* were disabled on Chumby's servers.  The new systems are owned and operated completely and exclusively by Sony.

If you had both Chumby *and* dash devices, your account on Chumby's servers was preserved, but *only* for the management of Chumby-branded devices.  You can no longer activate or manage a dash on Chumby's systems.  The old url "" is no longer operational.

As a result, you *must* go to to manage your dash device.  Chumby cannot help you in any way - we have no access to Sony's servers, and cannot fix any widgets or music sources that may be behaving incorrectly on that device.

The two systems are completely independent of each other.