Topic: Chumby hooray (despite a bug or two).

First, I like my Chumby.  If someone asks me to demonstrate why, I'm not sure what I would show them.  Maybe the weather widgets or the flickr feeds.  Or the slashdot feed.

Mainly, I like the Chumby for what I hope/expect it will evolve into, once more apps and functionality is developed for it.

I have noticed two things that might qualify as bugs. 

One involves the fact that sometimes my Chumby will awake spontaneously from "Night" mode into a random channel (probably the one selected prior to entering Night mode).  This is weird to discover in the middle of the night that the Chumby is wide awake for no apparent reason.

The other is the e-mail notification widget locked into "Loading" state and would not break out, even when the top button was pressed.  I had to turn Chumby off and back on to reset it.  This might be my fault.  I probably mis-configured the widget, but it seems a harsh way to fail due to incorrect configuration.  I haven't re-activated that channel yet to do further testing.

Lawson Reilly

Re: Chumby hooray (despite a bug or two).

I have had the same issues from time to time.
I'm sure they will be addressed in the upcoming OTA updates.

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