Topic: Support thumbs up and small suggestion.

Just a note of encouragement for the Chumbians!

After discovering that the RSS feed reader widget was not accepting my URL and was insisting I read SFGate, I got on your web chat app where Agent Jason was extremely helpful in identifying that it was a bug in the widget that would be reported to development and offered to keep me updated via e-mail.

Bravo on the good support!

I do have a few suggestions here though.

When selecting the problem and topic before entering the chat there wasn't a very clear option for having a problem with a widget and it might be helpful to both your staff and us users if there were.

In addition, there should be a way to get to a widget's page in the widget browser from the Channel editor so that we can read comments or file a Report and it would be nice if there were a way to Report a bug from either of these places as well, though I'm not sure if you have a mechanism in place for contacting a widget's creator and that would probably be needed.

Keep up the good work!