Topic: "Forever" app hangs 3:50AM EST, 12:50AM PST

Our weather app acquires data from two network sources, one every 3 seconds and one every 30 seconds. It is designed to run indefinitely, and it's running on several Sony Dash devices.

Every night at 3:50AM EST, 12:50AM PST, something unrelated to the app resets or causes a pause in the network connection, and one or both of the data streams is interrupted, requiring that the app be reset.

I've been reading in the forum about a watchdog timer. The Sony Dash doesn't allow me to SSH and check crontab, but perhaps someone who reads this will have a clue what might be causing this.

Re: "Forever" app hangs 3:50AM EST, 12:50AM PST

This is on dash only, or on chumby branded devices as well?

Re: "Forever" app hangs 3:50AM EST, 12:50AM PST

We haven't tried it on other devices; it won't run on them because of the display dimensions. Had I known that an app built to the Dash's 860x480 screen proportions wouldn't run on other devices, I'd have done something differently.

So yes, only on Dash.

Re: "Forever" app hangs 3:50AM EST, 12:50AM PST

Well, I don't know of anything in Chumby's software contributions to the dash that would do this - chances are this is something in Sony's middleware.