Topic: Support for Google TV?

Is there any chance that the Chumby for Android app will work on Google TV in the future? I tried sideloading it and got an error message that the app requires Flash 10 and the Flash version on Google TV is incompatible. I'd love to be able to see my favorite Chumby widgets on my Google TV device.

Re: Support for Google TV?

Right - the problem is that GoogleTV (so far) includes Flash support *only* for the Chrome browser, so it's not available for other apps.

Given Adobe's announcements regarding ongoing support for the Flash Player plugin for these types of devices, upon which our application relies to operate, it's very unlikely that you'll see Chumby for GoogleTV.  In fact, over the long term, as Flash becomes more rare on Android, the existing app will be discontinued at some point.

Note that this is not something we want - its being forced on us (and other apps) by Adobe's roadmap.