Topic: video streaming

Hey all,

First post :-)  No stranger to hacking linux embedded devices here (mostly ARM based).   Have worked on Buffalo Linkstation, Seagate Dockstar,  DD-WRT/Tomato based routers, etc.  Went as far as running mythbackend on my seagate dockstar.

In any case,  Some questions for Silvermoon platform:

1)  I'm wondering if NFS client support is built into the latest silvermoon firmware? (either as a kernel module or as part of the kernel).
2)  Is streaming videos (assuming nothing >480p quality) possible over NFS ?  I read that there were some buffering issues with the default audio/video player for streaming over NFS/CIFS.  Has that been addressed and is that old news as of now?  Will I still need to use some other players like mplayer or VLC to work around it?   Though I have no problem hacking away, cross-compiling binaries, and populating the device with a range of useful tools, I know nothing about flash programming or creating widgets!    Is there a widget front-ending mplayer, for example ?   

The device has been purchased with the intent of streaming video for the kids by the wifey. (So high WAF is required).     i have a collection of kids videos on my NAS and rather than copying a portion of those to a USB drive, my preference would be to serve the entire collection over NFS or even UPnP. 

would love to hear your input , thoughts, comments if you're using this device as kind of  a frontend to access your media collection (specifically more interested in video than audio) from a NAS.

Thanks much.

ps: ultimate would be if someone's worked on setting one of these puppies up as a myth frontend !