Topic: Service Outage 12/14/2011

We are experiencing an unscheduled outage that is affecting the web site and data services to chumby devices.

We are working on the problem and hope to have the service restored soon.

Sorry for the problem.

Re: Service Outage 12/14/2011

The service has been restored.  Devices and the website should operate again.

We're operating at a lower capacity until we get some of the servers that went down back online, so you may experience some response delays.

If your device is "stuck" showing a Control Panel download screen, please reboot it.  If your device is showing a simple clock, it will very likely come back on its own.

Re: Service Outage 12/14/2011

Looks like we're still experiencing some minor issues.  Working on it...

Re: Service Outage 12/14/2011

OK, things seem to be back to normal.