Topic: E-mail support unresponsive

It's been 6 days since I e-mailed customer support about an issue with my Chumby 8 and I have received no response.  I even sent a follow-up this past Friday and still no response.

What's the deal?

Re: E-mail support unresponsive

We're not sure.  Something's apparently wrong with the support email system.  We're looking into it.

Re: E-mail support unresponsive

What is the deal with e-mail customer support?  I have a completely non-functional Chumby 8 and finally received a response in mid-December asking for my order number (for warranty information) and the address to which a replacement should be sent.  I immediately responded and have received no further responses from customer support.  I just sent another follow-up e-mail.  The wait time between responses is getting ridiculous.