Topic: Trying to use the UploadFile command

Our applications has a need to load files onto the device.   I see that an UploadFile command has been added but it's not really clear how to invoke it.

Is there an URL based interface like many of the other commands?

Do I create a web page with the form in the example, then add a deviced based URL for the action?

Not quite sure what to do here.



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Re: Trying to use the UploadFile command

There is a demo page at

The UploadFile command works with a classic html <form>, just take note the extra variables you need to submit together with file input.

I'm not sure if this will work well with Flash though, because Flash doesn't let you change the file data variable name

Re: Trying to use the UploadFile command

I'll take a look.  In the mean time we cooked up the following and it works like a champ.

mount -o remount r,w /
curl -o /usr/share/netvserver/docroot/$1$1

this gets files from a known location on our server to where we want it on the device.

Thanks for all your help during this process.  Writing software on new hardware can be a challenge but you guys have been very responsive and we've been able to push through the bumps amazingly fast.

Thanks again.