Topic: update last night -> weird action Chumby One

After the update last night, my Chumby started acting weirdly

1. flickering screen on all apps and menu items.
Note that after the update and the start of the flickering problem, I unplugged and rebooted the Chumby One, let it stand for 30 sec and restarted it. The welcome video did not flickered but as soon as it downloaded the dashboard, it started flickering again. I found a work around for the moment: setting up the screen brightness to anything over 50% of the scale kinda of make the flickering go away. (If I put the cursor below, it starts flickering again)

2. Alarm clocks: this morning I got a weird thing "Back up alarm" stressful ring tone, 5 minutes after the time I set the alarm for (which I'm pretty sure did not ring). I will test again tomorrow morning, but this is very stressful wake up!

Re: update last night -> weird action Chumby One

  Come see us in customer support, we will see if we can help you out with that issue. We may have an option or two for you.

Re: update last night -> weird action Chumby One

Good to see the backup alarm did its job..