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Topic: my Yahoo! Weather app


2 people said they cannot load my app(Yahoo! Weather (World Wide)), but they don't give a specific bug-report. On my Chumby Classic and my Android Phone the app runs without any problems.

http://www.chumby.com/guide/widget/Yaho … ld%20Wide)

Can anyone test the app and give me a detailed bugreport.

thank you ;-)

Re: my Yahoo! Weather app

I was able to add the app and it loaded both on a chumby one and chumby 8, but when trying to customize the app with the following parameters:  San Diego,  United States, Fahrenheit.  I get an error message of:  WOEID: 2442047.  I also tried a popular US city (Los Angeles) with similar results.

Come see us in support and I can send you a screenshot if you like.   -chumby support

Re: my Yahoo! Weather app

OK ... thank you nalcorn.

The output is not an error message, but a debug message.
WOEID means “Where on Earth Identifier” its use by the yahoo weather rss-feed.
2442047 is the WOID for Los Angeles ;-)

After customizing, you should have seen the weather for the place you entered on your Chumby (you have to reload the app).

So I replace the WOID output with a success output ;-)

Re: my Yahoo! Weather app

Nice, it has been working all this time wink

Re: my Yahoo! Weather app

I find your widget works well. I would like to see a predicted measurement of precipitation in the future (e.g. 10-15 mm of rain) instead of a simple description (e.g. rain). Other than that, I really like your widget.