Topic: super-flickery android froyo (on infocast BB8)

Finally got around to building the xdandroid Froyo repo and chroot'ing into their rootfs (mount system.img loopback, mount --bind /dev,/proc,/sys) on the BB8 last night.  Had to fudge BatteryService and comment much of init.rc, but it sort of starts up and responds to touch, so you can "Force Close" every app ;-)  Unfortunately everything crashes, it's quite slow, and super-flickery... a VERY long way from usable.

Hopefully the weird redraw isn't related to the silvermoon kernel FB driver.. there was some issue getting double-buffering for the Chumby One android, or ..?  Has anyone else built the repo?  Suggestions re: the video situation?  I haven't done much (put in about 4-5hrs last night) or looked at the video issue, and there's a lot more I can do, but I'd love any help from anyone experienced.

Here's the (sad) video:

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Hey can you post up the build somewhere?

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Sweet!  I know it's painful to watch but it's a great first step!

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There won't be builds for a while, for many reasons.  (Including that nothing works; that I haven't checked whether it runs on the default BB8 kernel.. my .config is pretty different; etc.)  Instead of hacking away at xdandroid's froyo branch, I'm in the process of starting a gitorious project so anyone can (eventually) "repo init -u" a manifest, repo sync and make their own BB8-compatible build from the AOSP source.  I'm scared of Gingerbread since it seems to need V8 for Google Apps webkit stuff (and we have so little RAM.)

It'll be a while before I have the device/vendor/product/*.mk files all set (..I'm a total noob to git/orious, as well as android!)  And another while before I understand/fix the video/memory issues, there's sound, network, a button workaround, basically: it becomes at all usable.  In the meantime, I'm happy to help anyone modify/build the repo for the BB8 themselves, and I'm even happier for some assistance!  It'd be silly to duplicate someone's work if this has already been started...

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Any updates on porting android to insignia infocast?

I don't know anything about linux or kernels. Based on the forum, how about porting android 2.0 or 2.1 for start?

If the memory ram is too small (128MB), can the infocast be upgraded like any pc by replacing it with a 256MB ram?

Some china-made tablets run on android which has lower specs.