Topic: Today is ChumbyDay!!

I drove up to the house and there it was. A brown box sitting in front of my door. Well I don't need to tell you, my fellow chumbians, that i wasted no time opening the box. First of all, the packaging is awesome. First impressions mean a lot and you guys certainly made a great one. I quickly leaned that you didn't stop there as far as the awesome factor is concerned. The setup could not be any easier. Within minutes of signing on to the website and choosing some widgets I was watching a full length Bugs Bunny cartoon. I was in cartoon geek heaven. Thank you for following through on the hype and delivering a wonderful product that has so many great uses and so many possibilities for the future. for those of you still waiting you won't be disappointed. Oh, I don't know if I mentioned it, but I'm real happy with my purchase.