Topic: Infocast 3.5" No App Sound

The App sound on my Infocast 3.5" stops working several times daily. It starts again only after a reboot. The volume is set loud enough and it's not muted. One minute it's working and the next it's not. Alarm and Music sound still works when App sound doesn't. It's not just one App, it's any App that should make noise: David Letterman's Top Ten, Bubble Wrap, Instant rimshot and etc.

I searched but did not see anyone else with this problem here or on the Insignia forums. I did ask for help over there and waited eight days for a reply. While waiting I exchanged the Infocast at BestBuy and the replacement is doing the same thing.

I'm waiting and hoping the Insignia folks can help me, but there is a lot more activity here. Does anyone have any ideas?

Thank you.

Re: Infocast 3.5" No App Sound

I have exactly the same issue and a reboot doesn't always fix it.

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Insignia support was very slow to respond in their forum. After a few messages they gave up and told me to return it to the store and get the geek squad to look at it. I'm thikning I should just return it and get my money back. … td-p/21542