Topic: Suggestion - Restore audio after alarm event?

I’ve noticed that and audio stream that is playing when an alarm goes off dos not restart after the alarm is acknowledged.
This is true even if the alarm event does not have an audio event ascribed to it.

Is it possible to add a function to the custom alarms to “return to previous audio” after alarm?

As it is, it’s impossible to keep an audio stream in “MyStreams”going 24-7 without constantly having to restart it after any alarm; even a dim the screen alarm shuts off mystreams.

Thank you

Re: Suggestion - Restore audio after alarm event?

Yeah, that's a little tricky.  I'll see what I can do, though.

Re: Suggestion - Restore audio after alarm event?

Thanks Duane,
Perhaps this could also be leveraged to restart the current stream if the flash player happens to stop as it often does (known bugs)?

If you save a reference to the currently playing stream, maybe the flash player could check to see if a stream had been playing previously when it starts (re-starts)?

I don’t know the reason why the flash player stops but if this can’t be fixed, then perhaps the next best thing would be to restart the stream?